Saturday, September 29, 2007

(Praying at Toa Payoh Buddish Temple at yesterday night (September 28)

Dear friend,
I attach some photos of pray service at Toa Payoh Buddish Temple yesterday night. Most of the attendants wore red attires at this ceremony. I had to take 2 MRTs to reach Toa Payoh. Next, I planned to take bus to reach Temple. But, I saw a long red queue of people at bus interchange to go there. So, I marched to Temple together with some people I met in this route. All of our steps were quickly with excitements & eagerness to relieve from our grief for victims in Burma. I didn't know how I entered into temple by passing through the sea of footwears at the gate of Temple. The ceremony was started at round about 7.30pm S'pore time. I saw so many faces in tiredness because they rushed down from works. Some students also took part though they had class and their exam is near.

First of all, Sayadaw & we said prayers to Buddha. Then, we preached metta-thout and mal-ra-thout for people in Burma to be safe from millitary junta's cruelness. Then, we shared our good deeds to heros who sacrificed their lives. At that time, I feel a deep cold from my heart to my fingers & toes because of sadness for them. Two ladies beside me wiped their tears with their hands secretly.

I am sure we all have agony in our hearts because of bloodshed in Burma. We all have deep condolences to the monks, students and people who died in crackdown of millitary junta. We all have hidden wounds stained in blood under red attires.

I prayed deeply for all heros died for our country, protestors and people in Burma.
"May all sacrifiers' souls rest in peace and can see Burma as their hopes & dreams"
"May all of them not be human beings in country like present Burma in their next series of life"
"May all of them escaped from cruel military dictatorships"
"May all of them can seize hopes, happiness and freedom"
"May our beloved country, Burma, rejuvenate again after this crisis""May our beloved country, Burma, rejuvenate again after this crisis"

Your friend,

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